Casual Style for Halloween


When you want to be festive but keep it casual for Halloween…

This year, Halloween falls right in the middle of the work week but we can still make it fun. From Halloween to themed birthday parties featuring the 70s, 80s and 90s, who doesn’t love a good excuse to get dressed up in costume? But adulting happens to the best of us. So for those of us who aren’t in costume this year, I wanted to share casual outfit inspiration that is is still fun and festive too.

After work, Im helping judge a costume contest, then handing out candy to the kiddos. So I prepared to change out of my corporate wear into something fun and casual. The top Im wearing is loosely flowing, looks cute tucked or untucked and easily paired well with my leggings. What I like about the leggings, is the flexibility you have without compromising the fit and right now you can snag a pair while they are on sale. I get cold easily so I topped off my outfit with my favorite moto jacket. It is quality made and only $98 at Nordstrom.

For another cute, casual look, check out some of these options. Roll up the sleeves, style with jeans, leopard print sandals or loafers. Overcoming my indecisiveness over heels or flats, I decided on both and put a pair of leopard print loafers in my backpack. Thinking I wouldn’t have much use for one, this backpack is just the right size for all of my essentials and I love how functional it is with adjustable straps, leather draw string tassels and a magnetic closure. They are a great accessory for casual outfits and perfect to travel with too.

What do you do for Halloween? Do you get in costume or go for more of a cute festive look? Would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below. My goal is to always share options and inspiration for style and beauty that are authentic opinions of my own. Happy Halloween friends! Hope to meet you back here next week.

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