How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Your Go-To Checklist For Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

When it comes to buyer’s remorse, I have definitely been there. I have my eye on that belt or purse and come up with some really creative ways to afford them lol. But Ive found a few ways to shopping smart that Id love to share with you. With the content, ads and emails thrown at us every day, even the most convenience of online shopping, can be overwhelming. We spend hours searching in an ibis of clothing sites and may spend more than what we realize. It’s the convenience and quick demand that we often opt for with online shopping rather than that of getting in traffic, in the rain, with 30mins to find what we are looking for.  Right ladies? 🙂

So let’s say, you finally find that top you’ve been looking for. The pictures of the top look good and it’s actually in your size. It’s the color you want, is in price range, has a few “good” and a few “ok” reviews. What do we do? We buy it lol and get excited about it right? Maybe it’s the quality, the fit, design, it’s not as pictured, a time crunch, fomo or trying to find ways to make it work with items we already have. You decide to keep the top and maybe wear it once or have kept it in the closet with the tags on it. Meeee too!! Been there, did that. Now, the questions I try to ask myself are, “Was the time and money spent worth the item you purchased? What is the worth to you in terms of your money, the quality, how often you will wear it and time spent looking for or returning it? ‘

 Time and money are valuable. This is one of the many reasons why The Peach Post was created. I wanted to create a space where you can come to find a mix of classic, on-trend, quality pieces and similar items, suitable for a variety of budgets and how to style them. I wanted to share real life experiences in how we shop, style, express and shape ourselves. Today Im sharing a simple, checklist that I use to help avoid buyer’s remorse at all cost (pun). It includes two easy ways to calculate your ROI & Cost Per Wear. I have a small budget that I have to shop with. I have to be creative but smart with shopping. The problem isn’t having anything to wear, the problem is not having the things to create the style for the person we are feeling when we start our day. 😀 My checklist and download option is available below. Cheers to smart shopping this season!




Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

SEASON(s): current season

OCCASIONS: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years

COLORS/PATTERNS: Dusty Rose, Lace, Plaid, a Red Dress, Sequined Dress/Feather Skirt


  • Material Preference- sequined, wool, satin, ribbed etc.
  • Design- asymmetrical, midi, skinny, tie-waist, v-neck, ruffles etc.


  • How many ways can it be worn? mixed with items currently in your closet
  • Is it a classic staple piece? timeless? never goes out of style..
  • Is it a neutral piece that can mix & match?
  • What do you already have in your closet that will go with the item & style you are searching for?
  • What will you need to purchase to complete your style? New shoes, a top or accessories to complete your look?


  • Look for sales & brands that offer Free Shipping & Returns.
  • Download Rakuten & or Honey to Save on discounts & points when you shop.
  • Take into consideration care & maintenance cost: Dry Cleaning, Hand Wash
  • Other items needed to purchase to complete your outfit?
  • Is this item a quick trend or outside of your comfort zone?


  • How much wear can you get from quality make of the item?
  • Is the material & make durable?
  • Will it hold shape or loosen after wear?
  • Easy to snag or stain?
  • Is the material comfortable?
  • What are the instructions of care & maintenance to keep it looking new?


  • Length: too long, too short
  • Cut: bust, arms, neck
  • Shape: flattering, snug, loose, width
  • Comfort: itchy, scratchy, moveable, stretchy,


  • What characteristics make it part of your unique style?
  • What accessories or layers can you add to contrast, tone up or down?

ROI (return on investment) = # of Wears / divided by Purchase Price + Maintenance Cost

CPW (cost per wear) = Purchase Price + Maintenance Cost / Total Wears

FREE DOWNLOAD  The Peach Post- Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse Checklist

What are the most important things you consider when buying new clothes? Leave me a comment below. Thank you so much for being here with me today. I hope you found today’s post valuable.

Stay Beautiful lady~XOXO


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